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#416 - Give Me a Heart for Volunteering
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, if I love you, it follows that I should love the people around me. I should tell them the story of how You rescued me. I have a story of hope. I should be freely sharing my testimony in and outside of the church, with my neighbors, co-workers, and the public. Hey, anyone out there: God rescued a broken person like me. He can rescue You too. Father, it is wonderful that believers volunteer inside of a church. We do need Sunday School teachers, worship team leaders, deacons, elders, facility managers, and youth group leaders. Father, lead me to volunteer in my church, using the gifts You have given me to serve other members of my church. However, the world also needs us to volunteer in the community. The story of the Good Samaritan tells us that You expect us to be empathetic, compassionate, merciful, kind, and generous to strangers, to people who don't go to our church. Father, let us not wait for opportunities to minister to strangers in need. May we search for them. May we volunteer our time and talents to homeless shelters, food banks, senior centers, prison ministries, hospitals, disaster relief efforts, and so many more wonderful charities. Father, I am convinced that You inspired not just faith-based ministries but You also inspired secular relief organizations as well. Father, let it be known that Your people volunteer in the community in either type of organization. Let it be known that I love You so much that I am eager to love other people who are hurting in town. Father, may the way in which I work in charitable organizations draw attention to Your wonderful character. May I lead the way, encouraging other believers to volunteer and demonstrate to non-believers that Christians do love people because they love what God loves - people. Amen.

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