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#423 - Good Works - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, Your Word tells us that we are purposed and prepared in the womb for the good works You have exclusively given us to do. You give us gifts. You give us talents and skills. You give us interests. You orchestrate coincidences in our lives so that we can serve others in need at just the right time and place. However, we have free will to disobey those calls to serve. We can choose to be our own god and go our own way, neglecting those divine appointments. You are the compassionate and sovereign God who does not leave people in need without the help You had planned for them. You call others to do the good works we refuse to do. You are the God not only of Plan A but also of Plan B. Your generosity by providing help for someone through a third party does not let us off the hook. We will be held accountable for our disobedience to love people in need who cross our paths. Your Word records Your anger at those who ignore the needy. You may allow hardship to come into our lives when we neglect the hardship of others. Father, forgive me of my disobedience when You have called me to be gracious to the suffering. Help me to not only be aware of opportunities to do good works but also to be ready and willing to act quickly when those opportunities present themselves. Amen.

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