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#441 - Help Me Be a Peacemaker
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, it is human nature to refuse to give in when we are in an argument with someone. The truth becomes less important than our sense of self-esteem. We'd rather be declared right even though we are wrong because we can't stomach having to admit we are wrong. To be wrong means that we are not perfect. It means that our decision processes and our reaction to things may be unreliable. Father, we can't handle being wrong because we can't handle evidence that we are not god. A godly man or woman understands that You alone are perfect. You alone have absolute truth and total understanding about all things. A godly person knows they need to inquire of the Lord, to ask You what to do. A godly person understands that they are human and they will make mistakes in judgement. It's ok. They aren't trying to be god anymore. Father, there is a conflict in my family. There is a conflict in my church. I believe You are calling upon me to be a peacemaker. How am I going to do that? I'm going to work one-on-one with each key individual involved, helping them to see that they are not god, that You can be trusted, and that they need to surrender their lives to you. I will encourage them to trust the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. They will become more and more loving, kind, generous, merciful, gracious, patient, and understanding. I can let them know how much they are loved by You just the way they are. I can let them know how admitting our weaknesses can have great spiritual blessings. I can share with them how we can change people's hearts through acts of love in their moments of crisis. I can help them to see the other person's perspective. Father, help me to be a peacemaker in this conflict. It is not about a speech. It is about one-on-one relationships where I speak the truth in love. Amen.

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