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#448 - I'm Angry
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, why is my life so difficult? Why are You against me? Why do You treat others better than me? Why do other people have the things I want so much? Why do I have all this pain and suffering? Why is it that every time I long for something it never works out for me? Why is it that I'm always harassed? Why do people let me down continuously? Why is it that I work so hard for nothing? Why is it I am so insecure? Why is it that nobody recognizes me, compliments me, or admires me? Why don't I have love in my life? Money? Fame? Power? Influence? Why did that person cut me off in the road? Why did the laundromat ruin my shirt? Why did the waitress do such a lousy job serving me? Why did my two-year old leave a toy on the floor for me to trip over? Why did my spouse criticize me? Why did my sports team lose again? Me, me, and me. Father, I confess. I live for my satisfaction. I live for my fulfillment. I live for my pleasure. I live for my comfort. I live for myself. I try to be my own god. I fail at it every single time. I don't have what it takes to be my own god. That frustrates me to no end. Why can't I be my own god? Why don't I have the power to control the circumstances of my life? I am so furious with You, with life, and everyone else. Father, the only way I'm going to experience peace in my heart is to surrender my life to You. Take away this awful and seemingly demonic craving in my heart to rule my own life and the world around me. Give me the peace that comes from total surrender to You. Amen.

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