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#462 - I'm Feeling Homicidal
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I feel like killing someone. I feel like killing innocent people. I am deeply bitter. I resent those who have made my life difficult. I resent those who have what I don't have. I feel so powerless. I can't get what I want. I can't make people do what I want them to do. I feel disrespected. I feel invisible. No one cares about me. I have lost courage to handle the disappointments of life. I'm weak. I don't have the strength to deal with the adversity in my life. I have been rejected by others. Therefore, I'm going to get revenge. I'll show people never to disrespect me again. I will terrorize and devastate innocent people because it isn't fair they enjoy life and I don't. I'll get revenge on all who have bullied me. I'll make a name for myself, becoming a villain if that's what's needed. People will hate me but that's alright as long no one overlooks me again. Father, committing murder may be the greatest expression of rebellion from You. Deciding that I can take someone else's life means that I have decided I have the authority to make that decision. I am like God. Father, I repent. Forgive me of my rebellion. Help me to surrender to You, the God of love. Intervene. Save innocent lives. Foil my plans. Jam my gun. Lock that door. Bring a hero to the scene of my intended crime and stop me. Thwart my plans. Father, get me help. Bring godly people into my life. Show me Your love in abundance. Turn me into an agent of God's love and not an angel of death. Father, turn my story of bitterness into an inspiring story of hope and transformation. Please do whatever You need to do to prevent me from shedding innocent blood. If necessary, take my life before I take the life of another. May the lives You spare from my murderous rampage turn into giants of faith. Give me hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Amen.

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