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#480 - Someone Close to Me is a Drama Queen/King
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, someone I know is a drama queen or king. They stir up trouble in relationships and among groups of people. They make every small thing a crisis. They share their misery with others, making sure to dampen other people's spirits. They go on and on about every detail of their life because their life is so incredibly fascinating. They complain about everything (those poor servers at restaurants). They criticize other people without mercy. In short, their entire life is summed up with the phrase me, me, me. They believe they can do or say anything they want, whenever they want, or wherever they want because they are the center of the universe. Father, if there is any tendency in me to be a drama queen or king, please forgive me. Please get that out of me. Make me a peacemaker. Help me to show strength of character where trivial things don't get bent out of proportion and become crises. Help me to be an encourager. Help me to be humble. Help me to find ways to celebrate other people's lives. Drive from me the notion I am my own god. Give me a fear of rebelling from You. Help me to surrender my life to You. Help me to speak only when it is truly a blessing to people. Father, thank You for the example of this drama queen or king - an example of what it's like when someone totally relishes in being their own gods. It is not a pretty sight. May I love them with the unconditional love You expect. Amen.

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