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#482 - I Am Intimidated by a Person - Part 2
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, there is someone trying to intimidate me. They believe themselves to be their own god. Their desires, goals, and interests are more important to them than are mine. In their mind, I exist to serve them. They endeavor to put me in a place of subservience and they do so by playing on my insecurities and targeting my weaknesses. They engineer my compliance by their commanding voice, threats, and demands for immediate action, denying me the time to think things through. Father, I am susceptible to this intimidation because of my lack of faith in You. I doubt You, therefore I feel insecure. I doubt You, therefore I feel weak. I doubt You, therefore, I am submissive to a stronger human force. Father, standing up for myself with this bully begins with humbling myself before You. Forgive me of my rebellion. Forgive me for doubting You. I surrender my life to You. You are the all-powerful living God who will protect me in all things, including as I take a stand against this bully. Help me to make it clear to them - You are the only one I should fear. I take orders and commands from only God. Amen.

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