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#486 - I Like to Argue
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I like to argue. Everyone must believe what I believe. Everyone must value what I value. Everyone must want what I want. When anyone disagrees with how I think or feel, I will confront them. It is my intention to change their mind. I am prepared to overwhelm them with facts and figures or the brute force of my intense emotion. The secret is that a convincing argument is not necessary. I just need to exhaust someone from arguing with me any further. They just give up and I have a cheap victory. Father, an argumentative spirit is a sign of dysfunction in my relationship with You. I am revealing my deep insecurities. If I don't have total approval from everyone about everything I do, my world collapses. My sense of value comes from what people think of me. I am my own little god, determining for myself what is right and wrong. I argue not to defend You but to defend my own decisions. These beliefs fuel my argumentative nature. This is all a sign of my rebellion from You. If I truly surrender my life to you, I will care only about what You think. I will listen for Your voice and I will hear Your voice. You will teach me truth and wisdom. I will feel safe and secure in my relationship with You. I won't need the approval of the people around me. In fact, I will shrug off their disapproval and remain silent, allowing them to think whatever they want. I am responsible only to You for what I believe and value. Father, it is appropriate to patiently, gently, and lovingly guide someone to the truth if they ask me to counsel and advise them. However, if people don't seek my advice, I am to refrain from arguing. I am to win them over to my value system by how I live my life before them. More arguments can be won by how we live our lives than by how we argue our positions. Help me to lead others to the truth by how I live my life. Amen.

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