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#490 - I Can Be Obnoxious
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I can be real obnoxious. Offensive. I can be a jerk. I have childish behavior. I'm the poster child for adult immaturity. While I may have an adult body, I have a child's mind. It is not a pleasant sight. I am entertained by things I should have lost interest in years ago. I lack a sense of personal responsibility to be the best I can be as a person or to be the best I can be as a neighbor and citizen. Father, why do I think a burp is funny at my age? I have never embraced that it's a serious thing to be created by the living God to serve His purposes. Father, I just exist. I don't see value or purpose in my life. My life is a joke, something to laugh about, especially the trivial and the mundane. It is another form of rebellion from You. I have decided that I will not take seriously the calling You have placed on my life. I reject it. I won't think about it. I will ignore it. I will fill the void created by my lack of seriousness with silliness. Father, maybe I am the product of the absence of good parenting in my youth. A dedicated and godly parent makes sure his or her children understand they were created by You for a serious purpose. Such a parent helps a child get ready to hear the calling of the Lord. A child who never receives that message can be left in a perpetual place of emotional and spiritual immaturity. Father, help me to grow up. Help me to mature. Give me a seriousness of purpose. I ask for forgiveness for my rebellion from You. Help me now to surrender. Bring the Holy Spirit into my life to mature my heart. Amen.

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