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#504 - My Parent Was Adulterous
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

God, I hate them. How could they do this to ________ (Mom/Dad)? How could they do this to me? To my brothers and sisters? I hate the person they had an affair with. I could see this coming. My parents weren't communicating for quite a while. They didn't want to spend time together. There was a lot of conflict. They seemed to only tolerate each other. They weren't friends. However, they still had a responsibility to the family. Toughen up. Be a man/ woman and be true to the family. Get counseling. Talk to each other. Do something to work things out. But to have an affair? To draw me into it and ask me to keep secrets and cover up for them? Both parents wanting me to take their side? Father, it is hell in this home now. No safety, security, or love. I don't recognize either of my parents, one because he/she is an ________ and the other because they are a victim. I'm on my own, dealing with life, as my parents are too preoccupied to guide me, teach me, or help me. I've tried begging and pleading for them to work things out but that didn't work. So, I'm going to act up and cause trouble. Why? I'll distract my parents from the affair and make them focus together on their troubled child. He/she had better not preach values to me, the hypocrite. Now, I'm becoming an adult with sexual desire and I remember what they did. Father, help me heal from this. I'm just a child. Rescue me. I know You expected more of my parents than this. You designed a family to be loving and God-centered. My parent did this because they are their own god. They rebelled against You. I can't change them but I can make sure this doesn't happen to me. Forgive me of my rebellion from You. Transform my heart. Make me love You with all my heart, soul, and mind so that I never ever do this to my family. Amen.

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