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#557 - I'm Adulterous - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, You have a master design for male and female relationships. Like all Your other designs, it is perfect and beautiful. A man and a woman meet. They spend time together and enjoy getting to know each other. A friendship of caring and sharing develops and intensifies. The couple reach a point where their relationship has become the most important relationship in their lives. They have reached a point of emotional intimacy. At this point, the couple begins to look towards the future, longing for this exciting new relationship to be permanent. They want to be with this special person for the rest of their lives. The importance of words like faithfulness, devotion, loyalty, and commitment ultimately lead to marriage. My spouse is my best friend. My best friend is committed to me for the rest of my life. I feel safe to share everything with them. Therefore, I long for oneness with them. I long for sexual intimacy with them. The formula continues throughout the marriage: Deep Friendship + Marriage Vows = Desire for Sexual Intimacy. However, humans have a nasty tendency to destroy the beautiful things You have designed. We long to build a friendship with someone other than our spouse. We change our minds about our long-term commitments. We celebrate our closeness with our new friend by having sex with them. The formula for our marriage changes. (Broken Friendship + Distrust = No Desire for Sexual Intimacy) = Divorce What's the big deal? We have someone new, right? We can leave our first spouse behind and enjoy our new relationship. My new friend is now my best friend. We have wonderful sexual intimacy. All is well. However, we don't have trust. If I have cheated on my spouse, I can cheat on anyone else. My new friend is justified to believe I could cheat on them too. The new relationship begins with distrust and that distrust assures that both the friendship and the sexual intimacy will be broken. Distrust = Broken Friendship + No Desire for Sexual Intimacy. Father, we never learn our lesson. A second divorce. A third marriage. A third divorce. And so on. Faithfulness is the key to holding all relationships together. I must love faithfulness more than I love my spouse. I must love being loyal more than I love my spouse. I must love being trustworthy more than I love my spouse. How do I do that? I must love God more than anything else. It is when I love God with all my heart, soul, and mind that I desire to please Him in my relationships. I know God loves faithfulness, devotion, dedication, loyalty, and trustworthiness in relationships. Therefore, to please God, I will commit myself to those traits in my marriage. There will not be an affair because I am faithful to God. Father, the true formula for marital success: Love of God = Faithfulness = Deep Friendship = Desire for Sexual Intimacy. Father, how do I love God? I must confess that I am rebel from Him. I confess that I desire to do whatever I want, whenever I want to do it. I confess that I live to be my own god. I confess that I doubt God. I confess that I worship other gods. I trust that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my rebellion. I surrender my life to God, putting Him on the throne of my life. It is after I surrender my life to God that I will be equipped to be faithful in relationships. Father, please forgive me of my adultery. Please forgive me of my rebellion from You. Please change my heart and mind. Please help me to live from this point forward to please You. Please fill me with the Holy Spirit and I will become more loving, kind, peaceful, joyful, patient, self-controlled, and loyal. There is only one way I can heal the damage that has been done to my spouse's trust in me. I must prove I've had a genuine and authentic re-dedication of my life to God. My character must be transformed. Father, save my marriage by changing me. Amen.

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