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#558 - I'm Adulterous - Part 2
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I admit I am unfaithful to my spouse. I feel closer to someone else. I feel a stronger connection with them. I enjoy myself more with this other person. I feel like talking to them when I've got something on my mind. I give my feelings incredible power. Because I feel it, I must act upon it. My feelings are the supreme authority in my life. My feelings are more critical to my life than Your commands. Feelings. They rule my heart. Soon, if it hasn't happened already, my emotional connection with this other person will lead to a desire for physical intimacy. That's the way You designed it, Father. That depth of emotional connection leads to physical desire. Therefore, when I have an emotional connection with someone other than my spouse, it is no wonder that physical lust and adultery soon follow. Father, I've got it all wrong. True love is first a choice. It is not first a feeling. Love is devoted, committed, dedicated, persevering, and faithful. Love desires to prove commitment is authentic and genuine. Christ-like love can love anyone and, therefore, Christ-like love can love my spouse. I can make the choice to love my spouse because I choose to love commitment, vows, and promises more than I cater to the ebbs and flows of my feelings. Committed love is a rock. The storms of bad feelings can rage against that rock but it never budges. Love that is first and foremost a choice to fulfill a promise is love that doesn't have emotional or physical closeness with anyone other than Your spouse. Why do I live my life by my feelings? Because I've made them my god. I've put my feelings on the throne and I obey their every command. Father, forgive me. Help me to choose, by the strength You give me, to love my spouse and to love devotion, commitment, and the promises I have made. Father, it all comes down to loving faithfulness. If I love faithfulness, I will be faithful. Father, make me love faithfulness. Amen.

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