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#586 - My Fiance Broke Off Our Engagement
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, how can someone who is loved become someone who is hated overnight? They break an engagement. How could he or she do this to me? I thought they loved me. We had something very special. We were best friends. We shared everything, night and day. We talked about our exciting future together. Now they leave me for another person? Now they leave me because they want to be single? Am I that bad? What was wrong with me? How could they lie to me so much? They must have known they were going to leave me as I made wedding plans. Father, it's been months now and I have learned something from this experience. I learned our relationship was not Christ-centered. I learned we were two individuals pretending to be in love. I learned that I wanted a happy-ever-after relationship so much that I ignored warning signs. I was worshipping marriage more than I was prepared to unconditionally love someone. The moment they left I was bitter with them. How could that have been love? How can love turn to hate unless the love never was truly love? Father, I have learned that it is not love when we are simply enjoying how someone meets our needs. It is love when we enjoy loving the person because their Creator loves them. It is love when it is a choice to love them that will survive no matter what unwelcome news comes. Father, if I really loved him or her, my heart would have wanted them to do well after they left me. I would have wanted them to be blessed generously by You. Father, the next time I am in love, I ask that it be Christ-like love - unconditional, genuine, and devoted. I ask that my partner has the same desire as well. That's the kind of commitment that will survive decades after an engagement. Amen.

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