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#590 - My Honeymoon
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, we are off on our honeymoon. It is the time for my spouse and I to adjust to our new roles as husband and wife. It is a time for us to experience sexual intimacy. It is a time for us to relax after a stressful season of wedding planning. Father, just like we need the true living God to bless our wedding, we need You also to bless our honeymoon. - May we have weather that does not dampen our spirits. - May we have safety traveling. - May neither of us become sick nor injured. - May we not be taken advantage of by anyone. - May we enjoy all the wonderful things there is to enjoy at the place we will be visiting. - May we demonstrate in the first hours of our marriage that You will be at the center of our relationship. - May our honeymoon be bathed in prayer and the study of Your Word. - May we be united as friends and may we have wonderful emotional intimacy that strengthens us for our return to normal life. Father, our enemy would love to derail our new marriage. He would love our honeymoon to be marred by bickering and hurt. Father, don't let that happen. We are asking You to protect our marriage this week from the spiritual powers who will want to ruin it. Amen.

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