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#601 - My Parents Fight all the Time
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I hate coming home to my family. Yelling. Screaming. Things get broken. Insults fly. Tension. I just go to my room and try to tune them out with my headphones. My parents are both emotionally absent, totally absorbed with their own feelings. I feel like I don't have parents. I feel insecure every day of my life. When either one of them come to me to talk, they want to talk about their own hurts or to share how bad my other parent is. They will want to be alone, considering my presence an interruption and my simple requests an annoyance of some kind. They are emotionally exhausted. I live in fear that either will abandon the family. Sometimes I must deal with them giving each other the silent treatment. Sometimes one of my parents will try to pretend everything is wonderful; that we have a beautiful family and their marriage is great. I hate my family. I hate their marriage. I let them know by having my own temper tantrums and behavioral problems. "Guys, get it together because you need to give your child attention." Father, where are you? Can't You do something about this? Can't You get them to stop fighting? Can't You rescue me from this? Father, I need strength, perseverance, hope, and peace. Where can I get these traits? I can only get them from You. I can only get them when I confess my rebellion from You and repent, surrendering my life to You. The Holy Spirit will work in my heart and soul, giving me what I need to not only emotionally survive but also thrive in this home. Father, give me such incredible character and wisdom that it startles my parents and leads them to examine themselves. Father, I know You can do the impossible - please use me to set a godly example for my parents. Amen.

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