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#640 - I Am Passive-Aggressive
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am what they call passive-aggressive. If I don't like someone, I try to do everything I can to make their lives miserable while pretending to be their friend. I'll give them bad advice. I'll say discouraging words, couched as though I am protecting them from harm. I'll talk poorly of them to others in a sneaky way, as if I was concerned or caring. I'll avoid talking with them and offer believable but deceitful excuses. I'll appease them with promises I have no intention to carry through. I'll compliment them about things I mock about them with others. Father, these behaviors do not please You. They are not loving. They are dishonest. They are manipulative. Why do I do these things? I am my own god. I believe I have the right and the authority to judge others. However, I want to remain likeable. Therefore, I mask my judgments as if they are acts of kindness. Father, I need to stop being passive-aggressive. That starts by surrendering my life to You. I am not God. You are. Father, may I be obedient to You, which includes loving others as I would want to be loved. I want people to love me sincerely, genuinely, and truthfully. Help me to live this way. Amen.

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