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#647 - Gender Identity - Part 3
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I'm a man who longs to be a woman. I'm a woman who longs to be a man. I've felt this longing since my earliest days. I've spent a lifetime imagining I was the other gender. I understand what it is like to be jealous of 50% of the population. It is wonderful when I am caught up in the fantasy of imagining life as the other gender. Society has offered me a solution. It is a solution supported by the media, politicians, judges, pastors, mental health workers, and physicians. Technological advancement can transform my external body into a simulation of the gender I have always wanted to be. I can complete the transformation with my credit card, a shopping spree, and court orders. However, my soul is not at peace with this. A quiet voice in my head asks if this is what You want for me. I look at my friends and family and I ask myself what impact my change will have on them. I'm not comfortable with the answer. Honestly, my sense of integrity questions if I ever can truly and totally experience life in the other gender. Father, to tell the truth, I don't really understand what's going on in my mind. Why do I long to change my gender so much? Is it genetics or did something happen to me? I'm reluctant to make such a permanent decision when I'm not sure what's going on with heart and mind. Maybe I'm in the wrong body or maybe my heart isn't in the right place. Father, I do know You are the loving, compassionate, merciful, gracious, and kind God. You love us all. Democrat or Republican. Liberal or conservative. Believers or atheists. Black or white. Young or old. Heterosexual or homosexual. You also deeply love the transgendered. You know their hopes and dreams. You know their hurts and scars. You know their anxieties and insecurities. You know their talents and skills. You long for a relationship with them. You want to be their God. You will provide for them. You will protect them. However, they must confess and repent of their rebellion from You just like everyone else. They need to surrender their lives to You just like everyone else. When they do, You will transform their hearts and minds just like You do for everyone else. It will impact their values and beliefs just like it does for everyone else. With this in mind, I'm thinking I need to do some work with You before I make any life-altering decisions. Father, please show me what's going on. Are You calling me to change my gender? Or, are You calling me to something else? I want to know. Please tell me. Amen.

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