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#658 - I Want to be a Better Listener
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I can look at people from one of two perspectives. Either a person exists to serve me or I exist to serve them. If they exist to serve me, why should I care about what they say? They should care only about what I say. If I exist to serve them, I should be listening to what they say. Listening to others is good for many reasons. - Listening to someone gives us the information we need to help them. Who are they? What are their needs? What are their desires? What do they long for? How are they hurting? Knowing this information about someone enables me to find opportunities to minister to them. - Listening to others teaches me about the state of society. I can learn what the population values by listening to them talk. - Listening to others enables me to hear inspiring stories of hope about how You have worked in other people's lives. - Listening to others teaches me the lessons others have learned so that I don't have to learn them through my own hardship. - Listening to others gives me valuable information, such as learning a new skill. - Listening is humble. It is an exercise in putting other people first. Listening comes from a spirit that allows God to be in charge. Show me a person who has a tough time listening to others, I'll show You a person who is trying to be their own god. Show me a person who is a legendary listener, I'll show You a person who has surrendered their life to God. Father, drive out the rebel in my soul that refuses to listen to others. Make me an incredible listener. Amen.

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