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#670 - Help Me Ask for Forgiveness
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I have done someone a wrong. I have hurt someone. My conscience is seared. Guilt is raging in my heart and mind. However, I have refused to ask for forgiveness. I am proud. I am terribly insecure, afraid to face my own inadequacies and weaknesses. I cannot face my lack of perfection. I want so much to believe that I am God. I want so much to believe that I have no flaws. Admitting I have done someone wrong is an admission that I am not who I want to be - You. Therefore, I cannot ask for forgiveness. I just cannot. I'm trying to overpower the person I hurt by my resistance to ask for forgiveness. I'll prove I am stronger than them by holding out from asking for forgiveness longer than their expectations for me to apologize. I'm a little dictator, a tyrant trying to repress a person I have hurt by refusing to apologize. Father, make my guilt unbearable until I ask the person for forgiveness. Make it rage within my heart and soul. Give me insomnia until I seek forgiveness. Drive the unrepentant man or woman in me to my knees. May I then confess my rebellion to You and change my ways. May I humbly ask the person I have hurt for forgiveness because I've finally realized only You are the true living God. Father, bless today the person I have offended. Amen

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