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#687 - Someone I Care About Is Single
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, please give me true gratefulness for the love You have given me. It is only in that gratefulness that I can most effectively appreciate what another person is going through. It is when I take something for granted that I overlook the pain of those who don't have it. Help me to value every part of the love in my life so that I can fully understand what a person doesn't have. Help me to be sensitive to their feelings. Father, a single person feels many emotions: - They want to feel like they fit in. They want to be included. They want to be invited. - They want their opinions and talents to be respected. They want to be thought of. - They want to feel whole, that they can be single and complete in Christ without a partner. - They want to be checked in on from time to time. Father, having a single loved one or friend in my life is a test of my thoughtfulness. Can I imagine how the other person feels? How can I make them feel just as important to our community as the couples? Father, I could be single in a heartbeat. I understand that. Please give me a spirit that empathizes with people in all kinds of situations in life. Please give me a spirit of compassion and friendship for those who are single. Amen.

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