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#722 - Having a Dispute with My Neighbor
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I'm having a dispute with my neighbor. We are arguing about a property line. We are arguing about trucks parked on the driveway. We are arguing about a property not taken care of. We are arguing about trash not taken to the curb. We are arguing about leaves that have blown on to the other property. We are arguing about noise. We are arguing about cars parked in front of the house. Father, You allow bad neighbors to come into our lives. It is a test of our character. How patient are we going to be? How persevering are we going to be? How gentle are we going to be? How loving are we going to be? Father, You tell us in Your Word that we are to forgive people 490 times. The first time my neighbor does something annoying I easily forgive them. We laugh about it over a beer. The second time my neighbor annoys me we laugh about it over a beer. The third time, I begin to avoid the neighbor and keep my distance. The fourth time, I am angry and I am ready to confront. However, I keep my composure. The fifth time, I do confront, banging on their front door, ready for a fight. The sixth time, I've called the police. The seventh time, I'm taking them to court. Each offense by my neighbor becomes increasingly difficult to forgive. 490 times? 490 times? Father, that kind of forgiveness is impossible - unless, of course, I truly surrender my life to You. Help me to totally surrender my life to You so that the Holy Spirit will bear the fruit in me that can transform the life of my neighbor. Imagine what impact will be on their life when I continue to be gracious even after 490 annoyances. Father, make me a neighbor who demonstrates that the calling of God to love our neighbor is real, practical, relevant, and next door. Amen.

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