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#743 - Public Schools - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I send my children off to public school each day. Father, there was a time, as recent as the 1960s, when the public-school day began with prayer. Students were taught in history about the faith of those who formed this country. Teachers presumed that the students were from religious families who attended church regularly. Christian themes were welcome in the public school. However, that has all changed. Public schools are now antagonistic to Christianity. History books tell an unflattering story about the founders of this country. School administrators presume students are not from faith-based homes and, therefore, advocate and promote a strictly secular culture within the school. Political correctness has replaced reading, writing, and arithmetic as the primary focus of education. My children's faith is no longer tolerated in school. It is ridiculed and silenced. Therefore, it is so essential that my spouse and I teach Christian values in our home. We must not only teach it, we must model it. Live it. Breathe it. Speak it. Our children need to look at us and respect that the principles of Your Word are true and do transform lives for the good. With that kind of foundation in our home, our children can be strong as they face persecution at school. Father, how dare we complain about the disrespect for our faith in the public schools when our children disrespect the faith of our dysfunctional home? Father, forgive us of our rebellion in Your name. Help us to surrender our hearts to You. Fill us with the Holy Spirit so that our home becomes the city on the hill for our children, the light that will protect them from the darkness of the public school. Amen.

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