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#753 - I Was a Witness to Something
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I was a witness to something. An accident. A crime. An agreement between parties. I can confirm I saw somebody do or say something they are denying. Father, I love truth. I love truth because You love truth and I love You. Truth is more important to me than pleasing either of those who are on the opposing sides of an argument. If I am asked to share what I know about the incident, I ask that You help me to tell the truth. The facts. Not my interpretation of the facts. Not my opinion. Just the facts. All the facts. Father, we are often asked to be a witness for someone and to do so with bias - to share the facts in their favor. Because I know that I am not God, I know that my powers of observation and analysis are very limited. I cannot know what's really going on in people's minds. I don't know all the chain of events that preceded what I observed. Therefore, all I can do is present and defend the facts. This is what I saw and heard. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. Father, I know that being a witness to an incident gets me emotionally involved in the incident. I ask that You help me not to get involved in any dispute that is not my concern. I ask that You make me a man or woman of integrity, the best friend of truth. May I share the facts and leave the interpretation to others. Help me to resist the notion to quickly analyze and draw conclusions because I know I am not God. I am a mortal man or woman. Amen.

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