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#118 - Prayers God Cannot Answer Immediately
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, we don't understand the complexity of how You answer our prayers. For example, in September, before our cancer diagnosis in October, we asked You to help us love You with all our heart, soul, and mind. You agreed wholeheartedly. You faithfully brought the cancer into our life to build our perseverance, hope, and our love for You. You were committed to give us what we asked for. You are not going to remove the cancer until the cancer has caused us to love You more completely. "Lord, please help my children have more courage." The next week, we are diagnosed with cancer. You have in mind us modeling, in our battle with cancer, the courage we asked You to create within our children. Our pleas to have the cancer removed from our lives may lead You to respond, "Didn't You want me to help Your children be more courageous? The answer is no because I care so much about the courage you want your children to have. I will give You my grace and mercy to help you walk through this time of cancer with the courage your children need you to show." Father, I need to trust that You know better than I about the things I ask You for. The prayer-answer system is far more complex than I can understand. Give me the peace I need to ask You for things in prayer and then believe that whatever happens next is Your good answer. Amen.

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