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#119 - It's Not Supposed to Make Sense
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, we human beings have this tendency to need things to make sense. We make plans around order. We love what we can expect. We find comfort when certain inputs, always processed in the exact same manner, will turn into predictable outputs. We all understand the laws of order and common sense of the human heart. You created all the natural laws that make life so refreshingly predictable. Thank You. However, You tend to arrange things in our lives at times that simply make no sense. You don't want things to fit into a formula, equation, or scientific analysis. Why? Faith. If everything was predictable, we wouldn't need to trust in You. If I knew that action A will certainly lead to result B, each time, why pray about it? Why give God any consideration? Life would be just a matter of cause, process, and effect. Life would be about formulas. Humans would be masters at formulas. Much of the pain we experience in life is because we feel we should be able to understand the formula but we don't. Our disappointments must make sense. We shed tears and cry on friend's shoulders often because we are overwhelmed with confusion. "This doesn't make any sense. Where are the missing formulas?" The formulas are folded in Your back pocket, kept away from our tear-weary eyes. You want us to trust You when nothing makes sense at all. You are in control. You've got it all figured out. You know all the formulas. Father, help me to trust You when I can't make sense of anything going on in my life. May I understand that my confusion may be exactly what You want for me, to force me to trust You. Amen.

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