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#12 - Christianity Really is Different
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, Christianity is the only faith where God has paid the price for the rebellion of mankind. All other faiths require man to work off their debt to You. In Christianity, God is alone on the stage of salvation. He is the only performer, doing all the heroic deeds to enable mankind to enjoy heaven. In all other faiths, man is on the stage of salvation. Man is the main performer, doing all the heroic deeds to earn his or her way into heaven. In Christianity, God came down from heaven in the person of Jesus Christ. He performed miracles proving He was God and then died on the cross for the rebellion of all who place their faith in Him. He rose again from the dead (imagine if God remained forever dead, slain by the sins of mankind). All we must do is admit that we are rebels, deserving Your wrath, and that Christ has paid the penalty for our rebellion. We ask You to forgive us of our rebellion because Christ was already punished for that rebellion on our behalf. On the contrary, every other religion expects a man to perform acts or recite certain words to earn Your favor. In such faiths, mankind is the star on the stage. Father, if we have rebelled against You by wanting to be the star in our lives, it makes no sense that You would cast us as the star in the theater of salvation. Either I accept Christ is the one who did all the heroic work required for my salvation or I effectively tell You I can play the part better than Him. I'd rather not be so arrogant before almighty God. I will choose Jesus Christ. Amen.

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