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#13 - It's Too Late to Wait Until Death
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I'm a rebel. Yada. Yada. Right. Fine. When I die, I'll see You are God and I will know that I was wrong about You when I was on earth. I'll say "Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. My bad. Okay, where is my mansion?" Meanwhile, I will do what I want in this life, knowing I'll make things right with You after I die. However, true saving repentance cannot come from seeing You face-to-face. Why? It is impossible to choose to accept or deny You once I have seen You. Once a spectator saw the Wright Brothers' plane in flight in 1903, they could no longer place their faith that man would one-day learn to fly. They had seen it. It was fact. Once I've seen You face-to-face, faith that You are who You are will no longer be possible. You will be fact. Father, You want people to believe in You because they choose to believe in You, not because they are forced to by overwhelming evidence. Therefore, I only have this lifetime to choose to believe in You. If I have not seen You face-to-face, I still can have faith that You are out there somewhere calling me to confession, repentance, and surrender. I can still have faith that Your Son died on the cross for my rebellion from You. If I put off decisions of faith until after I die, seeing You face-to-face will be my worst nightmare. Father, help me to have faith in You now. Amen.

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