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#137 - I Am Being Raised by a Single Parent
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I thank You for my single parent. They have tried so hard to give me the best life they could. However, there is only so much they can do. A single parent has half of the available time for kids as a two-parent home has. A single parent has half of the resources and single parenting is often a ticket to poverty and welfare. They are stressed all the time and that stress causes tension between us, only escalating the dysfunction in the home. I want a good life like my friends who have two parents. I want the things they have. I want to do the things they do. I know I put pressure on my single parent to provide like any two-parent team provides for their kids. Father, my single parent is a wonderful person but they can't begin to demonstrate what a godly Christcentered relationship looks like. It takes two for that. Please bring me a model of that kind of relationship. Father, in this politically correct world there are not to be any gender roles in the home. However, a father and mother are both needed. I'm missing out on having an emotionally healthy and spiritually strong father who protects me, provides for me, teaches me about faith, gives me boundaries, disciplines me in love, and gives me life direction. I'm missing out on having an emotionally healthy and spiritually strong mother who cares for my emotional stability, teaches me the lessons she has learned from life, and manages our household. Father, please help my parent as they try to be a single parent. Give them wisdom. Give them strength. Give them help and support from other adults. Give me, through other means, the strength of character I can't get from a godly two-parent home. Help me to be more cooperative and understanding of my single parent. Amen.

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