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#140 - I Am in the Emergency Room
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am in the emergency room. I'm experiencing a medical trauma. Father, I ask You to save my life. I ask You to save my bodily functions. I ask that I can return to a normal life. I ask You to give the medical staff skill in diagnosis and treatment. I ask that the treatment will be effective. Father, I ask You to ease my pain and enable me to rest. However, I ask most of all for peace of mind. You are God and I am not. You are my Creator. You know my body. You are in control of it. You can do as You please with it. May that comfort me. Father, I ask for more time on this earth to honor You. Turn this visit to the emergency room into a testimony of Your transforming grace. Forgive me of my rebellion. May what Jesus Christ has done on the cross pay the penalty for that rebellion. May I surrender my life to You. May I love You with all my heart, soul, and mind. May I love others in extraordinary ways, beginning with the medical staff now attending to me and those who visit me in the hospital. Father, thank You for the medical technology that is being used to treat me. Please help me to afford the costs that I'm incurring this day. Amen.

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