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#141 - I Am Hospitalized
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I was admitted to the hospital. I'm scared. What is wrong with me? Will the medical staff accurately diagnose the problem? Will they be able to effectively treat it? Will they be able to help me rest and ease my pain? How long will I be in the hospital? How will I pay for this? Will I catch an infection in the hospital? Are my family and friends thinking about me? Will they visit me? Will this hospital stay reveal I don't have loved ones that care enough to visit? Are those who attend to me caring about me as a person? What will be my treatment once I am released from the hospital? Will I have people who can help me at home while I recover? Father, these questions run through my mind as I lay in my hospital bed. You know the answers. I need You to address each of these questions as the God that You are. You have the authority to command my body to heal and recover. You have the authority to manage and supervise the medical team, coaching them how to most effectively help me. You have the authority to instruct loved ones to visit and to help with my extended care. You also have the authority to give me encouragement, to know that You are with me and You are taking care of these issues. You have the authority and the creativity to work out the payment of my medical bills. Father, it is at a time such as this that I'm thankful that You are God and I am not. Amen.

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