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#142 - I Was Terminated
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I was fired from my job today. I'm in a whirlwind of emotion. I am bitter and angry with my former employers. Their decision wasn't fair. I deserved to have my side of the story heard and considered. I was falsely accused. They didn't follow the grievance process. I may be feeling a little guilt. I deserved this termination. I was disrupting the work of the team and my performance was less than excellent. I will miss my colleagues and my customers who became my friends. I now must tell my loved ones I lost my job and that isn't going to be easy. How am I going to break the news? They will be anxious about the financial situation. I'm likely to receive criticism. Father, I may feel a bit of relief about this. I wasn't happy in the job. It wasn't a good match for me. I can now find a more exciting and rewarding job. Father, please forgive me for bitter feelings I have towards my former employers. You love each of the people there, including those who terminated me. I ask that You bless each of them. Forgive them for any wrong they did to me. May their business prosper. May my former co-workers come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and enjoy their walk with Him. Father, forgive me for the things I did that were wrong. Give me the courage to confess my wrongdoings to them for the sake of honoring You. Father, help me to be compassionate to my loved ones who are anxious. Help me to show them the lengths I will go to return to the work force quickly. Teach me what You want me to learn from this and may I become more like Christ. Father, I ask that You direct me to a new job as soon as Your will permits. Amen.

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