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#147 - I Am on Welfare
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am on welfare. I need food, housing, and medical assistance. It is humiliating. I have dignity. I have honor. I want to work and to take care of myself independently. I want to give to my community and make a difference. However, I am a victim. I may be a victim of my parent's poverty. I may be a victim of my parent's drug and alcohol problems or their incarceration. I may be a victim of my parent's premature death. I may have been born with a disability. For whatever the reason, I grew up in survival mode. Every meal and every night of sleep was uncertain. I was not able to receive a good education. Therefore, I cannot get a job to make ends meet. I'm an unskilled worker who cannot survive on minimum wage. I need help. Who is going to help me? The local church? Local ministries? Do they have the resources to commit to a long-term solution for me? I need far more than money to pay a bill. I need mentoring, coaching, training, and an education. I need doors opened for me. I need someone to give me an opportunity to prove I am the hard worker I know that I am. However, some people are suspicious of me. They think I am lazy. They won't help me. I must go to the government for help. I don't want to be poor and I didn't ask to be poor. All I want is for someone to help me get on my feet for permanent stability. Please have mercy on me. Bring into my life a church, a ministry, or a believer who has compassion for the poor who is willing to coach and mentor me until I am on my feet. Father, silence those who judge the poor without knowing their story. I cannot imagine anyone who has truly surrendered their life to You who lacks compassion, empathy, or grace on the people You show such intense love for in Your Word - the poor. Amen.

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