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#148 - I am Homeless
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, my friend and I were huddled together under the overpass the other night, trying to keep dry by using a tarp from the dumpster of a local home improvement store. She shared the story of her childhood. Abuse. Neglect. Poverty. Her father went to prison. Foster care. She, like so many of us, turned to alcohol to escape the pain. I told her I grew up in an upper middle-class home. I used to be a financial planner. Education. Expensive cars. Big mansion. However, I was so incredibly stressed. A friend gave me drugs, telling me the drugs will reduce my anxiety and make me more productive. I've since lost everything except for my torn, tattered, and stained gray suit I bought years ago. Father, this is life on the street. No safe place to sleep. Noise. Rain. Cold. Public restrooms (when they aren't locked). Threats from other homeless people or teens from the neighborhood. I must beg for mercy. I don't know where I would be without local homeless shelters and the staff and volunteers that work at them. Thank You for them. Bless them for I know they are overwhelmed. Father, I am on the street because of poor decisions. Alcohol. Drugs. Avoidance of a church family. Alienating my real family. Every human has made poor decisions, including those whose expensive cars splash water from puddles on me while I try to sleep. I've learned I am not my own god. I have no idols anymore. They have all failed me. I need the real living God to rescue me. I surrender to You. I place my faith that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my rebellion. Now, I ask that He rescue me. Father, get me off the street and turn my story into a testimony that inspires believers to care for the homeless. May my testimony inspire non-believers to come to faith in Christ. Father, please give me hope for the future, a warm meal, a hot shower, and a hug this very day. Amen.

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