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#154 - A Natural Disaster
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, the news reports were terrifying. Here comes the storm. The tornado. The hurricane. Storm surge. Evacuate. Get to a place of safety. Get to higher ground. Now. We had a short time to try and protect the home or to grab a few priceless possessions. However, we left everything else behind. We saw the video on the news. Our home was destroyed. When we were permitted to return to our address, there was nothing but devastation. Where is our house? Was this the living room? Where did the refrigerator go? Dirt. Mud. Mold. Stains. Broken glass. Studs without drywall. Gaping holes in the roof. Our second car flipped upside down in the neighbor's yard. Father, I walked through the destruction, looking for anything to recover. A teddy bear. A picture frame. Father, I've learned something with this natural disaster. I am not god. I could not stop this from happening. I do not control nature. I go through my life living as though You are an asterisk, a by the way, an oh, that's right - I forgot to pray. It is in catastrophes like this that we realize how dependent we are upon You. We realize how foolish we are to go through life not asking for Your protection and provision. Father, I confess my rebellion from You. I surrender to You. You are God and I am not. Father, thank You for sparing the lives of my family and our pets. Thank You for the love that we have for each other that more than substitutes for the "home" we have lost. Thank You for the lesson that our relationships with one another are truly priceless. Father, please help us recover. We need a home, furnishings, and a car. Help us to get over the trauma. However, help us never to forget the spiritual lesson. You are God and we are not. Amen.

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