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#163 - I Have a Gambling Problem - Part 1
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, You know all things. Your decisions are perfect every time because You have full information. You not only know all facts but You also know all processes. You know that A will lead to B which will lead to C. It is omniscience. Human beings don't have that kind of knowledge and understanding. When we make decisions, we probably know .00000000000000099 x 10 % of what there is to know about any issue. However, that doesn't stop us from coming to our own conclusions. We know a few pieces of information and then believe we know enough to decide or to render a judgement. We are arrogant little gods who think we are so smart and intelligent, able to make critical choices with very limited knowledge. Father, there is an element of my gambling problem that reveals my arrogance about my alleged mental capacity to make the right call - on a whim. Father, forgive me for such conceit. I am not God. I lack knowledge and understanding. Gambling is the act of pretending we have certain and complete knowledge about a subject. Father, forgive me for my arrogance. May I inquire of the Lord in everything, continuously assuming I lack the capacity to make the right decision and I need Your wisdom and insight. Amen.

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