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#164 - I Have a Gambling Problem - Part 2
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, Your Word tells us something interesting about chance. You decide the outcomes that we ascribe to chance. If I flip a coin, it will land heads because You have decided that it will be heads. If I roll a pair of dice and they total seven, that's because You ordained the dice to total seven. Father, You are not a spectator in this world. We fool ourselves to think of You that way. You are actively involved in everything under the sun. I might buy lottery tickets week after week. However, I'm only going to win if You decide I am to win. If winning the lottery is contrary to my spiritual and emotional growth, well, I'm not ever going to win the lottery. On the other hand, if You have determined that I will never stop rebelling from You, You might allow me to win the lottery, giving me over to the god of money that I worship. I will be imprisoned by a heart that cannot grow spiritually or emotionally. In either case, You determine the outcome based upon what is best for my spiritual life. There are no football gods. There is no lady luck. Humans have a God who is continuously evaluating the possibilities and choosing the conditions that are best for our relationship with Him. Father, I'm foolish to ever take credit for the outcome of a roll of the dice. It is You at work. Amen.

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