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#173 - I Need to Post Bail
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have been arrested, charged with a crime. I can post bail. Bail is a financial promise that I will return to the court for my arraignment. The more affordable the bail is, the more the court believes I am trustworthy. Father, I cannot afford the bail, even if it is affordable. I need the help of loved ones. I need the help of Your church, my spiritual family. Did I alienate them? Did I neglect them? If so, my inability to pay bail is the cost for neglecting the relationships that You brought into my life. The locked cell represents the walls I put up that kept godly people out of my life who could help pay my bond. Father, our actions have consequences. We take actions in rebellion from You that cause us inconvenience or misery. What do we do? We blame You. You are supposed to be the God who trails behind us, the God with the bucket and the mop, continuously cleaning up after us. When there are messes in our lives, we blame You for not doing Your janitorial job. Father, what arrogance we have. What disrespect. Quite frankly, if I were in Your shoes, I wouldn't put up with humans. Your compassion, mercy, kindness, and graciousness are amazing. Father, I want to take a different approach this time. Yes, I'd like You to clean up the mess of my arrest by arranging for bail. However, I ask humbly, knowing You are under no obligation to do so. May I honor You through this legal nightmare and then give me a testimony that inspires others. Amen.

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