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#174 - Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Poor Credit - Part 1
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am in deep financial crisis. I have more debt than assets and a negative monthly cash flow. I can't pay my bills or service my debt. Father, I need to file for bankruptcy. My home will need to be foreclosed. Father, my credit rating is very poor. How did I get this way? The family I was born into was poor and disadvantaged. I did not enjoy the economic advantages such as a good education. There is no inheritance to speak of. There is no family business. No one in the family has money. Father, I may be in this situation because I was taken advantage of by a lending institution. The market may have collapsed after I bought my home. I may be a victim of a broken world. Perhaps my spouse divorced me without cause, causing all kinds of unexpected costs. Perhaps I had a debilitating medical crisis that left me unable to work. I may be in this situation because of my rebellious heart. I wanted to impress people. I found comfort in having stuff. Therefore, I bought things I couldn't afford. Father, maybe I have nobody to help me because I have alienated people. I have estranged relationships with my family. Maybe I don't belong to a church community. I ask for forgiveness for my rebellious heart. Please forgive me for doubting You. Please forgive me for longing for other things more than You. I ask for forgiveness in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. I surrender to You. Father, I ask for Your mercy. Please be compassionate and generous. Provide me with the food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and medical assistance that I need to survive. Amen.

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