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#199 - I Want a Reward
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, look what I did. I set a record. I accomplished something few have accomplished. I did something heroic. I did something no one else has done. I faced a huge adversity and I overcame it. I proved my talents or skills are better than anybody else's. I'm at the top. I'm the best. Look at me. I deserve a reward. I deserve an award. I deserve a trophy. My desire to be my own god is showing again. I want to be celebrated. I want everyone to look at me. Father, even those who have confessed and repented of their rebellion against You can still desire their own glory. It's the default attitude of the human heart. Father, forgive me again. Whatever I accomplish is because You enabled me to accomplish it. You gave me my life. You keep my heart beating. You gave me skills and talents. You gave me resources to get better at what I do. You gave me opportunity to grow and display my gifts. You helped me perform at my peak. In other words, what I accomplished is to Your credit, not mine. Praise to You, my Father. You get the reward. Amen.

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