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#20 - I Interpret the Bible as I See Fit
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, when I read the Bible I look for verses that fit the narrative that I am my own god. I find verses that convey You are a murderous and evil God who loves to bring pain and suffering on people. Such verses excuse me for living as my own god because You are too evil for the job. I look for verses that suggest the Bible is just a collection of fairy tales. An ark? The sea parting? Goliath? What a bunch of ________! I can be excused for living as my own god because the Bible, that speaks of the true God, is science fiction. I can also look for verses that let my rebellion off the hook. The Bible says do not judge. No one better judge me. God says so. I can keep being my own god and no one can challenge me. I can read the Bible but not take it seriously. I can read it in a cursory manner, perhaps while I think about my computer game. I can say "I read the Bible" without understanding it. I can feel I've done my token spiritual work and I can continue living life as my own god. Father, please forgive me. Deciding the Bible is truly not Your Word without giving the text any thoughtful consideration is further evidence that I think I am my own god. I decide what the Bible is and is not and I have decided I won't take it seriously. Have mercy on me. Give me a desire to read Your word with an open mind that I might discover You are the amazing, compassionate, generous, and merciful God. Make Your Word come alive to me and transform my heart and mind. Help me to stop being afraid of the truth that Your Word will speak to me. Amen.

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