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#201 - I Graduated from College
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I graduated from college. Thank You. Thank You for providing the money to pay for it. Thank You for helping me with each assignment, quiz, test, and paper. Thank You for helping me navigate through all the many changes and challenges I experienced during the past four years. I leave college a different man or woman than who I was at freshmen orientation. I move on into the future. I have college debt. Father, please help me pay that off. Please help me establish my credit in the financial world. Please help me find a rewarding entry-level job in my profession. Please help me find a place to live on my own. Please help me acquire a dependable car. Please prepare my heart to find that special person to spend the rest of my life with. Father, little things can make a huge impact upon our life. One day a supervisor asks me to help with a project in the technology department because they are short on staff. I was a philosophy major. However, because of the quality of my work, they ask me to keep working in the IT department. Before I know it, I'm the manager of information technology at my company. It's on my resume and it leads to another job at an IT firm. One person's spontaneous decision to deal with understaffing ends up directing my entire career. Father, fresh out of college, I am very vulnerable to seemingly insignificant events outside of my control directing the entire course of my life. Therefore, I ask You to be sovereign over the minute details of my life. I ask You to be God when I meet and talk with people. I ask You to be the God of flat tires, closed roads, absent co-workers, missed elevators, and all the other seemingly meaningless things that may direct the entire course of the rest of my life. Father, this is a good time for me to acknowledge You are God and I am not. Amen.

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