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#202 - My Resume
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, preparing and submitting a resume is frustrating. We spend hours and hours trying to express our value onto a single piece of paper. The decision makers are going to skim the resume in seconds. Our entire career gets evaluated in the time it takes someone to tie their shoes. Father, a human may not process our resume. An impersonal, unfeeling, uncompassionate, and merciless computer program might do that. The computer program does not consider our thoughts and feelings, goals and dreams, character, personality, or the genuineness of our hearts. We are evaluated merely by the keywords and statistics on our resumes. Professional resume writers know how to play this skimming word and number game better than we do. Father, we are not our own god. We cannot prepare a resume that will guarantee that we will be fairly evaluated. People responsible for hiring have biases. Father, we need You to help us get hired into the jobs You want us to have. We need You to break through the game and the biases. We need You to give a recruiter an instinct, an intuition, that we are the right person for the job. Father, my resume will be fantastic no matter what it looks like when I surrender my job search to You. Help me to do my best submitting this resume to job openings. Help me to trust You with whatever does or does not happen next. Amen.

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