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#203 - My Salary Requirements
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I've been asked to come up with salary requirements for the job I am applying to. I have no idea what I am worth. Yes, I can find information on the Internet that gives me a ballpark figure. However, I have no idea if the number I will give my prospective employer will be too low or too high. If it is too low, they may not think I can do the job. If it is too high, I might price myself out of consideration because other candidates are willing to take lower salaries. Father, guess what? I am not god. I can't figure all these kinds of things out. Short of sneaking into my prospective employer's computer and seeing a statement "I will pay $ xx,xxx for this job", I will never be able to determine what is the right answer. I must take a different approach. I must trust You. I must figure out how much I need to meet my financial requirements and give them that number. If it is too low, so be it. If it is too high, so be it. If You want me in this job, my salary requirements will not matter. If You don't want me in this job, my salary requirements will not matter. Father, we worry about details like salary requirements because we think of You as a spectator. You aren't involved. It's all up to us. We panic. We get anxious. Father, may this simple question asked by a prospective employer be a spiritual lesson for me. My life is in Your hands and I'm ok. Things will work out as You want them to. You will do whatever is best for me (and for my future employer). It's all ok. You are God and I am not. Life is fine. Amen.

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