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#208 - My Marketing and Branding Strategy
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have a product or service to market. I am so incredibly blessed. I have the world's leading expert in marketing on my team. You. You know everything about marketing because You are the God who knows all things. Therefore, I ask for Your help as I develop my marketing and branding strategy. Help me to carefully craft my brand. Words. Images. Values. Identity. Positioning. Colors. Shapes. Images. Slogans. Help me answer the question why customers should trust me. Help me to develop the systems and processes that will enable me to deliver outstanding service that engender intense loyalty with customers. Help me to find a unique niche within my industry, something the market values but cannot get today. Help me to figure out how to be a business with a heart, a good neighbor. Help me to identify the appropriate target market. Help me to deliver quality content, on a consistent basis, that my customers value and share with others. Help me to promote others, to do for them what I want people to do for me. Help me to identify, engage, and partner with influential businesses and organizations. Father, I need Your help as I develop my plan to market my business. Show me how I can effectively introduce my products and services to the right market in a manner that captures their interest and following. Amen.

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