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#207 - My Business Plan
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, it's time for me to write my business plan. Guide and direct my planning. I know You have Your own plans for my life and it's critical my business is in alignment with Your purposes for me. Therefore, Father, inspire me now with Your plans for our business. What should be my mission? What should be my goals? What products and services should I offer? Who is the competition and how can I effectively compete against them? What should my pricing strategy look like? How will I generate sales? How do I market the business? Where should I locate the business? What systems, processes, procedures, and technologies do I need to put into place? What customer service policies should I have? What should the organizational structure look like? What should be the job descriptions? How will I factor in research and development? What money will I need? How will I raise that money? When will I break even? Father, I need Your answers to all these questions. I ask that as I work these questions through, prayerfully seeking advice and counsel from godly business experts, You will give me the business plan that, when executed effectively, will make our business prosper. What's the point of the business prospering? That its success will give me the opportunities to honor You, to love others in Your name, and to generously give to people in need. Amen.

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