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By Charles Wagner, founder of Gramazin,
72Stories, Gramazin Prayers for the World


#206 - Starting a Business
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I need to dedicate my business to You. What does dedication look like? My character is godly in all my interactions and dealings with employees, suppliers, prospects, and customers. I give my customers my best at a price they can afford. I ask You for wisdom for each of the business decisions I need to make. I continually ask You to provide the resources and connections my business needs. I ask You to handle each of the problems that arise in my business. I ask You to turn our hard work into sales and sales into income. I ask You to help us control costs and maximize our profits so I can be generous to my employees and the community. I ask You that somehow people will be brought into a wonderful relationship with Your Son, Jesus Christ, because of my business. Father, this business is a test of my character. Some people get tested by how they handle a crisis in their life. Others get tested through a time of great temptation when things are going very well in their life. The challenge I face is to honor You despite all the frustrations and headaches involved with running a business. Help me to pass that test. Amen.

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