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#205 - Help Me Succeed in School
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am a student in school. Teachers. Professors. Syllabi. Homework assignments. Reading. Lectures. Labs. Papers. Quizzes. Tests. Class discussion. Online learning. Father, why am I here? Isn't this just a formality for getting diploma or a degree? Who remembers all this useless information? What relevance will it have for my life? Father, I am a student in English, geography, history, government, algebra, calculus, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, or any other subject because You want to build my character. You want me to develop perseverance. You want me to learn to give my best. You want me to strive for excellence. You want me to learn to work hard. You want me to learn how to learn as there will be many life lessons for me in the future. You want me to learn how to handle being wrong in the quiz of life and how to learn the right answers. You want me to learn to think, reason, sort, group, and analyze because there will be so many times in my life when people will try to deceive me. You want me to develop an understanding of human nature so that I am not naive. You want me to understand how You do things in this world so that I can recognize Your work when things happen to me. You want me to learn to be humble and to serve, especially when my instructors are arrogant and full of themselves. You want me to take a stand for Your truth when doing so will cost me a good grade. You want me to help other students in class, showing them compassion and grace. Father, my education is not about a simple diploma or degree. It's not even about acquiring knowledge. It's about the building of my character. Father, build my character through my schooling. Amen.

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