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#210 - Managing My Business
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am in my own business. I am the owner, salesperson, marketer, and order processor. I set the prices. I make and ship the product. I provide the service, deal with customers, create and send the invoices, and collect money. I manage the financial statements and I do the banking. I apply for loans, do research and development, rent the space, pay the utility bills, file the legal papers, and pay the taxes. Father, I'm trying to do it all. However, I am not god. I cannot do it all. If I have trouble in any one of these areas, the whole business could collapse. If I'm going to grow this business, I'm going to need a team. I'm going to need credit. I'm going to need financing. If I'm going to be a success in this business, I will need Your strength. I will need Your guidance. I will need Your wisdom. I will need Your resources. I will need You to do miraculous things for me - the "right place at the right time" kinds of things. I need You to teach me what I need to know to be successful in business. Father, You know more about business success than all the experts throughout history combined. I realize success in business is just like everything else in life - it all comes back to You. If I repent of my rebellion from You, if I surrender my life to You, I will be blessed with the fruit of the Holy Spirit in my life. I will grow emotionally and spiritually. I will have the character that will endear me to customers, vendors, bankers, investors, and employees. If I dedicate my business to Your honor, You become a stakeholder in it. Father, please make my business Your business. Please do with it whatever You want to do with it so that You are honored and glorified. I ask that whatever function I am performing for the business that I will do it with excellence and to Your pleasure. It is Your business and not mine. Amen.

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