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#211 - Generating Sales for My Business
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I need to generate sales for my business. I need confidence in the quality of my products and services. I need confidence that my company can deliver those products and services on-time and with excellence. I need confidence that my company can deliver a custom-tailored solution for the unique needs of the prospect. I need confidence in my own sales skills and techniques. I must engender trust in a conversation with a prospect. I must discover the prospect's true source of pain and what they really need. I must communicate how my company's offerings will resolve the prospect's pain. I must come in to the prospect's business at the right time, a time when they are ready to move forward and spend the money. The internal politics of the prospect's business must be aligned for a sale. The competitors must not be offering a better solution. Father, there are so many things in this list that I cannot control. I am not my own god. I cannot make things happen just because I want them to happen. I do not control the circumstances that may result in the postponement of the appointment. Father, I need You to go before me in the sales process. I need You to bring me before qualified and serious prospects at just the right time. I need You to close the deal by asserting Your will in the buying process in the prospect's business. Father, may I commit my sales efforts each day to Your power, sovereignty, and wisdom. Please help me boost the sales for my business. Amen.

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