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#212 - Selling My Business
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I've gone the distance with my business. I want to retire. I need the equity from the sale. The business has become unmanageable for me. I've lost the desire to deal with the problems and the drama of managing the business every day. The business needs an investment of more assets to grow or keep up with the competition and I simply don't want to make that investment. There are personal crises in my private life that I need to attend to. Father, I want to sell. This is a major decision, especially if the business has been my primary occupation and source of income. Is the problem that I have been relying on my own strength and I'm exhausted? Perhaps if I surrendered the business completely to You things would run more smoothly. Is this a lack of faith? Father, adversity is good for the soul. It refines us. It builds our character. Maybe the challenges in this business are intended to make me a godlier man or woman. Maybe I'm fleeing from the lessons You are teaching me. On the other hand, maybe I'm in a business You don't want me to be in. Maybe You are calling me now to another assignment in life. Father, I don't know the answers to these questions. However, I am asking You for the answers. Show me what to do. Open doors for me. Put something on my heart that makes clear to me what it is that You want. Reveal to me Your intentions and purposes. I will obey. If You want me to sell this business, please bring a buyer who will give me a fair price. Please show Your direction by the smoothness of the process and the lack of resistance. Help me to make the sale as easy for my employees and customers as it can be. You are God, I am not, and I need You to manage the sale of my business. Amen.

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